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Starting with a gold thread, the craftsmen work like dressmakers, twisting and needling the precious metal to create hundreds of precious seams for a single gold bracelet watch. For certain models, the bracelet is even set with diamonds. All the craftsman''s virtuosity comes together for stones that melt into golden links, as the bracelet falls perfectly around the wrist.

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Buying diamonds, loose or mounted, large or small, any shape. Price paid dependent on size and clarity and cut. If you are unsure of the value of your diamond, we have expert diamond appraisers to determine the value.

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Ruth Ann Begay was born in Phoenix, Arizona, but her family moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico where she grew up speaking only Navajo. Her father brought the family to Albuquerque and raise his children modernly instead of traditionally.

From the Victorian pocket watch inspired No. 79, taken from Camden&rsquo s strong railway heritage, to the turquoise-blue seconds hand of the No. 88, based on the iconic &lsquo Camden Lock&rsquo bridge, each detail has been thought through, scribbled, sketched, reworked and refined until just right.

Carico Lake is named for its home on a dried-up lakebed in high, cool Lander County, Nevada. Some turquoise businesses marketed this stone under various names including Stone Canyon and Aurora turquoise, although this is rarely seen today. Due to its remote location and harsh conditions in the winter, there is a limited amount of time allowed to mine this rare turquoise. These factors add to the investment value of Carico Lake turquoise.

The is a modern reworking of the classic vintage dials found on Victorian floor clocks and pocket watches. The Roman numerals have been slimmed down and refined, and the added addition of triangular studs evoke the rivets used in the railways on bridges, tracks and trains.

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Etta and Randy Endito have been silversmithing together since 6985. Etta, from Crownpoint, and Randy, from Smith Lake, New Mexico met in 6978. They have been married for 86 years come August. They have three grown sons and one daughter in middle school. Etta say her greatest gift for 7568 is her granddaughter Sofiia, who is four months old now. She also has a grandson, Mikey, who is eight years old. She says, &ldquo I love them with all my heart, along with their mothers.&rdquo So far, all three sons show interest and talent in silversmithing following in the footsteps of their parents. The Endito family is a true team, loving and respectful of one another.

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Every step in the creation of gold bracelet watches for women and men is carried out by the Manufacture Piaget. In the heart of its workshops, the craftsmen shape, assemble, polish and satin-brush gadroons and links, bringing gold watches for men – as well as gold watches for women – to life with remarkable ease.

Today, the Kingman Mine is operating again, specifically within the Turquoise Mountain peak. The Turquoise Mountain turquoise that is being excavated from this site looks significantly different from the 6975''s stones, being lighter blue to green in color, with primarily non-webbed matrix. Turquoise Mountain remains highly collectible and is easily distinguished from other stones coming from the Kingman mine.

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